The Double House of the Čapek Brothers

Architect: Ladislav Machoň

Year of completion: 1924

The Villa, also known as the Double House of the Čapek Brothers, was built as part of a colony for writers, officials, journalists, and artists. The house is divided into two parts with identical mirrored layouts, each belonging to one of the brothers. Karel Čapek and his father lived in the right part, while the left part was occupied by the painter Josef Čapek, who had his studio in the attic. The entire colony was built based on the concept of a “garden city,” and the villa itself, designed by Ladislav Machoně, reflects simplicity and moderation. An important part was the shared garden, which both brothers took care of and where famous Friday gatherings took place, as well as where Dášenka, the beloved canine protagonist of a famous children’s book, used to run around. A memorial plaque can be found on the facade, and a virtual tour provides a glimpse into the interiors. Although the brothers did not always see eye to eye, they collaborated on works such as “The Insect Play” (Ze života hmyzu).

Bratří Čapků 28 a 30, 101 00 Praha 10-Vinohrady
Bratří Čapků 28 a 30, 101 00 Praha 10-Vinohrady

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