Central Boiler Room in Karlov

Architect: Karel Prager

Year of completion: 1993

Originally, Karel Prager designed an extensive hospital complex on Charles Square which would complement the magnificent building of the Provincial Maternity Hospital on Apolinářská Street. The center of the complex was supposed to be a pair of extensive modular pavilions, but the construction never took place. The project was terminated in 1989, and the only thing that was built was the boiler room necessary for the operation of the existing buildings. The building from the 1990s stands out at first glance with a pyramid-shaped chimney protruding from the roof and steel beams connecting it to the ground. The prominent structural framework is painted red and complemented by triangular windows. The building’s façade is made of ceramic cladding. The southern and eastern parts of the roof are glazed, and the entire building has a footprint of 26 x 26 meters.

Wenzigova 1, 120 00 Praha 2 – Nové Město
Wenzigova 1, 120 00 Praha 2 – Nové Město

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