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Feminist route

A story of historically famous czech women on the background of Czech architecture.

Bridge Route

Do you know which one is the shortest and which one bears the characteristics of Art Nouveau, Cubism, or Functionalism?

Functionalist Route

What is created when an architect starts focusing on the function of a building and completely detaches from decoration?

Passage Route

A world of known passages and dark alleys. Are you ready to embark on these adventurous journeys?

Music Route

Architecture in the spotlight of concerts. Where can you go and what kind of environment can you experience music in?

Church Route (1930s)

Janák, Gočár, or Plečnik. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the modern churches from the 1930s.

Prager’s Route

A glimpse into the life and work of an acclaimed and misunderstood architect.

Inner Courtyard Route

An oasis in the middle of the city. Where to go in the center for a touch of nature or a quiet and pleasant seating area?

Glass Route

Clean, gleaming glass has many forms and uses. Let’s take a look at how Prague architects have played with this material.

Empty Route

Have you ever noticed that many beautiful houses in Prague have fallen plaster and empty windows? We have.

Literary Route

Where were the famous works of Czech literature created? Let’s immerse ourselves in the history of literary Prague and get lost in its stories.

Brutalist route

Symbol of communism, or world architecture?

Rondocubist route

Plastic facades full of decorations and rounded edges. That’s how genuine Czech rondocubism is recognized!!

Cubist route

There are no other buildings of this architectural style anywhere else in the world. So let's take a tour exploring Czech Cubism!