National Technical Museum and National Agricultural Museum

Architect: Milan Babuška

Year of completion: 1938

The pair of functionalist buildings of the National Technical Museum and the National Agricultural Museum were originally intended to be located at the site of the Trade Fair Palace or the Molochov tenement complex. However, the plots of land on Kostelní Street were eventually acquired, where one majestic building for both museums was supposed to be built. However, the State Regulatory Commission demanded that the elongated structure be interrupted by a street, and disagreements arose between the institutions regarding the interior layout. In the end, two buildings in the shape of a U and an L were constructed, separated by Muzejní Street, which was meant to be bridged by a symbolic gate with a stone inscription. However, due to constant disputes, this plan was eventually abandoned. The misfortune with the museum buildings continued during their construction, which took place during the Protectorate when both structures were confiscated by the Nazis. The original plan by architect Babuška gradually faded away under layers of German realism and was later partially demolished. It was partially restored only after the revolution in 2003 when the building underwent reconstruction, aiming to bring it closer to the ideals of the design from the 1930s.

Kostelní 42 a 44, 170 00 Praha 7-Letná
Kostelní 42 a 44, 170 00 Praha 7-Letná

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