Teplotechna building

Architect: Věra Machoninová

Year of completion: 1984

The six-story building with a blue enamel sheet metal facade and green windows in the style of moderate brutalism filled a gap in the historic urban fabric in the 1980s. Despite its vibrant colors, the Teplotechna building harmoniously blends with its historical surroundings. Sculptor Miloslav Chlupáč contributed to the artistic treatment of the exterior of the building, and his influence can also be observed in the New Building of the National Museum and the Prager’s Cubes. The quartet of exposed concrete braces supporting two large bay windows is adorned with Chlupáč’s initially subtle reliefs called “Plastic Patterns.” The structure was originally intended primarily as a dormitory but ended up being occupied by the corporate administration of Teplotechna. Today, the building continues to serve administrative purposes, supplemented by hotel apartments on the top floor and a small bistro on the ground floor.

Ječná 39a, 120 00 Praha 2 – Nové Město
Ječná 39a, 120 00 Praha 2 – Nové Město

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