The House of Jaroslav Seifert

Architect: není znám

Year of completion: není známo

The birthplace of Jaroslav Seifert, one of the most significant Czech poets, fits into the typical architecture of Žižkov. This distinctive Prague district, where Seifert spent his childhood, inspired him in many of his works. During Seifert’s upbringing, Žižkov was still an independent city. In the second half of the 19th century, there was a construction boom, and the four-story Neoclassical tenement building where Seifert was born in 1901 dates back to this period. In honor of the great poet and Nobel laureate in Literature, a bronze memorial plaque by sculptor Stanislav Hanzík was attached to the facade in 2001. Seifert was forced to publish many of his works in the so-called samizdat due to censorship, as their official publication was not possible. Among his most famous works are the collection “Město v slzách” (City in Tears) and the memoir “Všecky krásy světa” (All the Beauties of the World).

Bořivojova 104, Praha 3-Žižkov
Bořivojova 104, Praha 3-Žižkov

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