Kovařovic’s villa

Architect: Josef Chochol

Year of completion: 1913

Behind the low, jagged fence near the Vltava River stands the Kovařovic Villa, a cubist masterpiece since 1913. It is situated on a triangular plot of land shared with the modernist Sequenses Villa designed by Otakar Novotný and the Art Nouveau Na Libušince Villa by Emil Králíček, which features several cubist details. Architect Josef Chochol spared no effort in incorporating cubist elements into the design of the Kovařovic Villa, both in its facade, fencing, and interior details such as doorknobs and railings. When viewed from Libušina Street, where the main entrance is located, the villas form a continuous strip, and towards the river, they open up to a shared garden. Access from the gardens is also possible and even more impressive than from the street.

Libušina 49/3, 128 00 Praha 2 – Vyšehrad
Libušina 49/3, 128 00 Praha 2 – Vyšehrad

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