U Myšáka house

Architect: Otto Ehlen, Josef Čapek, Josef Gočár

Year of completion: 1922

In the architectural development of Vodičkova Street, the prominent building U Myšáka plays a significant role. It was originally built as a Neo-Renaissance structure in 1883. However, its current Rondocubist form dates back to the First Republic era. The owner of the complex, the renowned Czech confectioner František Myšák, established his namesake confectionery “Myšák” here, which counted famous guests such as Ema Destinová, Oldřich Nový, and President Masaryk among its regular guests.

The design of the Rondocubist facade from 1922 is attributed to the builder Josef Čapek, although it is likely that Josef Gočár also participated in its development. The result is truly a masterpiece of the national Art Deco style, adorned with characteristic arches, cylinders, and triangles. The entire facade is unified by a decorated corbelled cornice, a pair of bay windows, a high order of pilasters, and interlocking window arches. The color scheme, referencing the national colors of red and white, further enhances the unity. Parts of the interior, including the confectionery itself, were created in the same style. However, only fragments of the original Rondocubist decoration have survived to this day.

Vodičkova 31, 110 00 Praha 1 – Nové Město
Vodičkova 31, 110 00 Praha 1 – Nové Město

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