Central telecommunications building

Architect: František Cubr, Josef Hrubý, Zdeněk Pokorný, František Štráchal a Vladimír Oulík

Year of completion: 1980

The tower of the central telecommunications building has become one of the landmarks of the Prague skyline, earning it the nickname “Mordor” due to its unconventional shape. It is part of a complex that, at the time of its opening, became not only the largest building in Czechoslovakia in terms of enclosed space but also the largest telecommunications building in Europe. It had 18 floors and 72,000 square meters of usable area. The building was unique not only in its facade design and artistic decoration but also in the cutting-edge technologies used inside. The complex consists of two buildings – the tower emerges from the first building, housing extensive technological halls inside and offices around the perimeter, while the second building contains administrative facilities and a dining area. Since the 1990s, “Mordor” has served as the headquarters for SPT Telecom and later for O2 Telefónica. Currently, the entire complex is undergoing demolition, with plans by the developer Central Group to transform it into a new residential and commercial area of the city.

Olšanská 6, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov
Olšanská 6, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov

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