The Hus Congregation of Vinohrady

Architect: Pavel Janák

Year of completion: 1933

The modern concept of the Hus Congregation in Vinohrady is characterized by sharp edges, a white facade, and strip windows that illuminate the altar, giving the impression that the architect borrowed them from an industrial factory hall. Initially, the design only included a six-story bell tower and the prayer hall itself. However, due to the requirements of the State Regulatory Commission, it was supplemented with a six-story residential building that seamlessly connects to the existing buildings on the street.

The result is a stunning constructivist synthesis characterized by crystal-clear purity and simplicity, achieved through the use of reinforced concrete construction. Beneath the main space, there used to be a theater hall, which was later converted into a columbarium shortly before the war. The congregation experienced challenging times in 1945 when a radio studio was established in the building, broadcasting calls for help during the Prague Uprising.

Dykova 1, 101 00 Praha 10-Vinohrady
Dykova 1, 101 00 Praha 10-Vinohrady

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