We Should Have a Talk

Architect: Praho! project

Year of completion: 2024

What is the role of women in modern Czech society? Should father be the breadwinner and mother be at home with their children? And why do women have less free time than men? These and many other questions are raised by Praho! project with its new realization focused on feminism and gender inequality. After a revitalization of the underpass beneath Fügner Square and the Vychovatelna tram stop, PRAHO! project is moving to the grounds of Prague 5 to revitalize another public space. The installation in the underpass beneath V Zářezu and Radlická streets is called We should have a talk and it focuses on the perception of emancipation, feminism and inclusion. The aim of the project is to liberate these sensitive topics from prejudices and to draw attention to the complexity of the problem and the impact of inequalities that can affect all of us.

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The themes presented in the artistic intervention are divided into several subsections: stereotypes, work, relationships, health, safety, education, time and the city. Praho! project talked about these topics with a number of experts and laymen as well whose testimonies, graphically designed by illustrator Lucie Lučanská, are now a permanent part of the underpass at the Jinonice metro station.
V Zářezu, 158 00 Praha 5
V Zářezu, 158 00 Praha 5

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