The Church of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren in Střešovice

Architect: Bohumír Kozák

Year of completion: 1939

The construction of the Evangelical Church, designed by architect Kozák, marked the end of a long search for suitable premises, as the Czech Brethren Church congregation in Prague 6 had not had a worthy sanctuary since its establishment in 1932. The new church, designed in the constructivist style, lightly draws inspiration from early Christian basilicas, as evidenced by interventions in the interior. These include the atypical blue mosaic framing the main nave and the arch in the apse, as well as the wooden beam ceiling adorned with gilded fields.

The most prominent feature in the exterior is the slightly protruding tower with clocks, topped by a luxfer bell tower. At the very top of the tower, a golden chalice shines within a glowing sun. Adjacent to the southern wall of the side nave is the rectory building, which houses the congregation room, office, and the pastor’s residence.

nám. Před bateriemi 22, 162 00 Praha 6-Střešovice
nám. Před bateriemi 22, 162 00 Praha 6-Střešovice

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