Mánes Bridge

Architect: Mečislav Petrů, František Mencl

Year of completion: 1914

The Mánes Bridge, initially named the Archduke Franz Ferdinand Bridge for the first six years, is a modernist structure with slight hints of Cubism. The remaining fountain sculptures by sculptor Emanuel Halman and the lost toll collector’s booth showcase elements of Cubism. The bridge replaced the original suspension Rudolf’s Bridge, which is now commemorated on the Lesser Town riverbank by a timber-framed cottage that once served as a toll booth. The Manes Bridge is named after the romantic painter Josef Mánes, whose statue by Bohuslav Kafka can be found on the right bank. The bridge pillars are made of granite, and the four arches are constructed of plain concrete. Notably, there are valuable reliefs by František Bílek, Jan Štursa, and Josef Mařatka. These artistic works on the pillars depict scenes from the lives of Vltava rivermen, among other subjects.

Mánesův most, 118 00 Praha 1-Josefov
Mánesův most, 118 00 Praha 1-Josefov

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