Libeň Bridge

Architect: Pavel Janák

Year of completion: 1928

Reportedly the only cubist bridge in the world, it has been connecting Holešovice and Libeň since the 1920s. It is also the only bridge in Prague that was built “on dry land,” so to speak. At the time of its construction, the regulation of the Vltava River was also taking place, allowing the bridge to be built over a section of the newly excavated riverbed that had not yet been flooded. Additionally, the bridge spans the newly created Rohanský Island, where a transfer station was initially planned according to Pavel Janák, the bridge’s architect. Janák himself designed a series of buildings following its line, but these visions from the First Republic era were never realized. The style of the bridge represents a wave of avant-garde functionalism and cubism, which can be observed in the shaping of the bridge pillars, lamps, and other details. Despite being a significant work, it had never been repaired during its existence and faced the risk of demolition. However, in September 2022, extensive reconstruction work officially began.

Libeňský most, 180 00 Praha 8-Libeň
Libeňský most, 180 00 Praha 8-Libeň

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