Braník Bridge

Architect: Jiří Klimeš a kolektiv ČVUT

Year of completion: 1955

The Braník Bridge is popularly nicknamed the “Bridge of Intelligence” because it was built by members of the so-called “class enemies” of communism. These educated individuals, such as lawyers, doctors, and others, were forced by the regime to work in manual labor and similar professions. The bridge has been standing there since the 1950s, but railway operations did not commence until 1964 when the connecting railway track was completed. The project was initially planned for double-track operation, but you won’t find a second track on the bridge. Although it was briefly laid on the bridge, it had to be removed after unsuccessful load tests. Similarly, the Chuchle Railway Tunnel that follows the bridge is not adapted for double-track operation either.

Branický most, 147 00 Praha 4-Braník
Branický most, 147 00 Praha 4-Braník

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