Karlín Barracks

Architect: Vojtěch Lanna starší

Year of completion: 1848

The building of the Karlín Barracks was initiated by dissatisfied soldiers who were forced to spend the night in Prague. They were often accommodated in former monastery complexes or vacant houses in the Old Town and New Town. And so, a plan was conceived to construct barracks with a capacity of 2,000 men. The building served its purpose partially until 2004 when, after the abolition of compulsory military service, it became vacant. Over time, the building lost all functions and became entangled in an endless conflict of interests among various ministries that owned the building over the years. A spark of hope came in 2017 when the Prague Center association took over the central area and the economic building, which forms the fourth side of the inner courtyard. The complex gained cultural and leisure activities such as a summer cinema, fire pit, playground for children, and sauna. The space was also revitalized by art installations by renowned Czech sculptors František Skála Jr. and Čestmír Suška.

The service of the Barracks is currently interrupted. On 4th June 2024, following a controversial opinion of the Prague 8 Building Authority, the immediate closure of the buildings was ordered and a ban on the operation of the cultural and social centre was issued. Mapamátky, as well as others, hope that the situation can be resolved through the transfer of the Barracks to the ownership of the City of Prague. Hopefully, in a few months the doors of this great cultural stand will open again.

Prvního pluku 2, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín
Prvního pluku 2, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

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