A route about the beginnings of Czech female education

A walk with the sub-theme of feminism will take you to places connected with women’s emancipation and education in our country. The individual stops represent the journey of Czech women towards the right to vote, to study, to have fun or generally to decide about their lives. Discover the stories of feminists, architects and writers who have transformed social norms through their perseverance. We will journey from the early struggles for women’s rights to the modern expression of political, economic and social equality.

Hit the feminist route!

Women can

The feminist route was created in cooperation with Gender Studies, o.p.s. and is a loose link to the website “Women Can” created as part of the project From Eliška Krásnohorská to Jiřina Šiklová – in the footsteps of female education. To the texts about the fates of important Czech women, we have added architectural details and the history of the buildings that stood behind the events.

I want to learn more about the project!

The first Czech architect

Milada Petříková-Pavlíková, the first Czech architect, designed the house in the 1930s for a feminist association – the Women’s Club of Bohemia. She herself was a member of the club and designed the project without a fee. In order to finance the construction, the members of the club formed a cooperative and paid for the construction with their own funds and a loan repaid from membership fees. Were men allowed in the house? You’ll find out when you go to the house. It’s right next to Wenceslas Square.

Which house in the route is by Milada Petříková-Pavlíková?

We Should Have a Talk

The topic of feminism or women’s emancipation does not belong only in lecture halls and discussions on the Internet. This is evidenced by the new installation of the Praho! An interactive installation has been created in the subway underpass in Jinonice that reflects these themes and the view of society. Through poems in public space, the Praho! project collects the testimonies of passers-by. This is how it obtains valuable material for its work. You can find the underpass between the extra stops along the feminist route.

Where can I find the subway?

Feministicka Trasa Prispevky Podchod

Go for a walk and explore the architecture and the beginnings of Czech female education in this country. We would love it if you share your photos on Instagram and tag @mapamatky.

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