Prague is not just 100 towers!

As part of our activity, we map Prague’s architecture and introduce you to places that you might not visit on your own! Discover the beauty of Prague and notice the details around you with our new website!

You can read how to use the new website below. Recommended buildings and a map of places are already waiting for you!

  • Choose from 13 thematic routes
  • See how to get to the first stop of the route by public transport
  • Open navigation on your phone
  • Go from place to place
  • Read interesting information about the building at each location
  • Get to know Prague at your own pace

What routes can I choose from?

Each route has its own topic so that everyone can choose a walk according to what interests them. Some of the routes also include interactive leaflets so that those interested do not have to walk around the city with their phone in hand. Each walk is 2-5 kilometers long, and you will spend around an hour in the streets walking through the individual stops. On the website, we will advise you on the best way to get to the starting point by public transport, and a link to Google maps is used to navigate you from one stop to another. You can combine the routes in different ways – we recommend checking our Map to see if there are other architecturally interesting buildings in your vicinity.

What topics can I look forward to?

Architectural styles: brutalism, functionalism, cubism, rondocubism

Architect: Karel Prager

Buildings: churches from the 1930s, bridges, inner courtyards, arcades and passageways, concert halls and clubs

Next: houses of famous writers, glass elements on buildings, empty houses

Where can I find recommended buildings?

In the menu under the Home tab, you can view the “List of places” that our website offers. You can filter them according to individual topics. An incredible 130 places around Prague await you on the website, including public buildings, churches, palaces, bridges, arcades, industrial buildings, cinemas or theatres, but also ordinary tenements and villas and other buildings of comparable value! Once you know what can be observed in specific types of buildings, the 130 places will expand into an endless variety of possibilities to focus on.

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What if I want to discover places by location?

In the menu under the Home tab, you will also find a “Map” with all the buildings that you can find on our website within the individual routes. The map is an ideal tool to search by current location or by places, where you are about to go. We are sure that when hunting for individual monuments in our map, you will notice many more interesting houses and details by yourself along the way. In short, don’t forget to look around you.


And who actually creates the content?

Mapamátky is an association dedicated to popularizing Prague’s architecture. It consists of 11 enthusiasts who love Prague, buildings, and their stories. They convey their enthusiasm for architecture through thematic routes.. These tours showcase various places in their contexts. Get inspired and take a walk along one of the routes or explore a specific building to get up close with architecture. Once you are captivated, there is no turning back. Only forward, towards every other place you shouldn’t miss in Prague! You can find out more about our activities under the Home tab – “About“. There you will also find details on how to support our non-profit association. Thank you!

A route about the beginnings of Czech female education

A walk with the sub-theme of feminism will take you to places connected with women's emancipation and education in our country. The individual stops represent the journey of Czech women towards the right to vote, to study, to have fun or generally to decide about their lives. Discover the stories of feminists, architects and writers…

Architecture Day is here again! What are we up to?

For this year's Architecture Day festival 2023, we have prepared an alternative program with Mapamátky for everyone who likes to get to know our capital city. The individual walks are intended to awaken visitor's sense of detail and encourage them to notice the buildings they pass. You can pick up our great flyers in the…