The Hlahol Association house

Architect: Josef Fanta, František Schlaffer

Year of completion: 1905

An important place on the feminist map of Prague is the Hlahol Association house, which was established as the new headquarters of this mixed choir. The first meeting of active women in the Czech women’s movement, led by Karla Máchová (a Czech politician and writer), occurred here. It was also the first celebration associated with International Women’s Day, then called International Day for Women’s Suffrage. The association house consists of three interconnected parts: tenement houses leading to Masaryk Embankment and Vojtěšská Street, and a connecting neck inserted into the inner block between the two houses. The author of the initial designs was František Schlaffer, a member of Hlahol. However, the construction was ultimately completed by Josef Fanta, who brought together renowned names from that time’s artistic scene. The early Secessionist facade stands out with its sculptural decoration by Josef Pekárek and ornamental patterns by Karel Mottl.

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Most notably, the attention is drawn to the grand arched roof with a painting by Karel L. Klusáček, depicting a group of people listening to a lyre performance. The concert hall unquestionably dominates the interior decoration. The glass roof is complemented by a gallery of paintings by K. L. Klusáček and busts of choir conductors from the Hlahol singing society. A significant part of the decoration is a large lunette named "Czech Song," the last major work of Alfons Mucha.
Masarykovo nábř. 16, 110 00 Praha 2 – Nové Město
Masarykovo nábř. 16, 110 00 Praha 2 – Nové Město

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