Rental house in Neklanova street

Architect: Josef Chochol

Year of completion: 1914

The building on Neklanova Street is characterized by its pointed corner, a facade filled with sharp edges, and windows and doors of atypical shapes. The architect further emphasized the plasticity of the facade with white plaster, which highlights the play of light on the inclined polygonal surfaces. The entire mass of the structure is dominated by a corner column with a crown made of sharp crystals, accompanied by openworked balconies. This detail, along with the overall appearance of the facade, may evoke the aesthetics of certain Gothic cathedrals that the architect drew inspiration from. Additionally, Chochol referred to the pentagonal bastions of the baroque fortress at Vyšehrad in his design. A similar motif can be found on the Kovařovic Villa as well.

Neklanova 98, 128 00 Praha 2 – Vyšehrad
Neklanova 98, 128 00 Praha 2 – Vyšehrad

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